Production of feed for farm animals, storage and delivery


Wheat is one of the oldest and main grain crops for human and domestic animal nutrition. Our experience in the field of grain trading allows us to select exclusively the highest quality wheat varieties, thereby maintaining our reputation at a decent level. We sell feed wheat (GOST 54078-2010) , as well as food grades 3 and 4 (GOST 52554-2006).

It is possible to quickly deliver high-quality wheat to regions close to us. Our delivery will very pleasantly surprise you with its professional efficiency and simple ordering procedure.

Our wheat prices are affordable and will meet the requirements of the most demanding buyer.


Barley rightfully occupies the authoritative second place among popular grain crops . The most unpretentious and unusually productive cereal is actively used:
- In the food industry (flour, cereals); - As a feed crop suitable for birds and animals; - For the production of beer, kvass and coffee surrogates; - In the medical and cosmetic industry, using medicinal properties of cereal; - As a raw material for exotic alcoholic beverages (gin, whiskey, jenever). Early ripening varieties of barley are successfully grown in northern and mountainous regions. One of the most ancient cereals, barley has frost resistance down to – 48°C and high yields, reaching up to 165 c/g. The LLC Feed-Group company, which successfully sells and delivers barley (GOST 53900-2010) to multiple consumers, offers high-quality and certified grain crops for sale. You can buy barley in any quantity.

The Feed-Group company values the high trust of its customers and maintains fruitful business relationships only with leading and trusted manufacturers supplying environmentally friendly and first-class grain crops and barley.


Our company sells oat grain (GOST 53901-2010) . The key to the excellent quality of our product is that we work only with trusted suppliers, and only directly. The price of the product can be found out after all the nuances of delivery and quantity of the product have been agreed upon with the manager. The sale of oats is one of the company’s priorities, since, along with wheat and barley, it is one of the most popular for feeding agricultural animals and birds.


Corn is the main crop of modern world agriculture. This plant is used by humans in many ways, as it is characterized by high productivity. Around the world, about 20% of corn grain is used for food purposes, about 15-20% for technical purposes, and about 2/3 of total corn sales are used to feed agricultural animals (livestock) and birds: chickens, geese, ducks , pigs, cows (cattle), horses and others.

Corn grain can be purchased by those who want to provide their animals with complete food at an affordable price. Just one kilogram of this crop contains 78 grams of highly digestible protein and almost one and a half feed units, which is a valuable component of any feed.

We sell feed corn (GOST 53903-2010) always at the best price. Delivery is calculated based on the destination, as well as the dimensions of the order.

By choosing us, you can be sure of the excellent quality of our products, as they have passed all the necessary certification.


We sell peas (GOST 54630-2011), which is one of the best legume feeds for animals. It has an advantage over other pulses because it does not contain harmful substances that negatively affect the digestibility and utilization of nutrients and animal health.

In terms of chemical composition, peas are rich in protein and amino acids. For example, the essential amino acid lysine in peas is several times greater than in grain cereal feeds.

The digestibility of organic matter is also high (about 87%). 1 kg of pea grain contains on average 1.18 feed units, 218 g of digestible protein and 14.2 g of lysine.

Peas are fed to all types of animals. Its inclusion in the diets of dairy cows (1-2 kg per day) leads to increased milk yield and improved milk composition. In the diets of fattening pigs, peas help improve the quality of meat and the formation of dense granular fat. Peas are also included in feed mixtures for calves when the amount of whole milk is reduced.


The Feed-Group company sells and delivers soybeans (GOST 54629-2011). Soybeans are used for food production, so feeding soybeans is limited. Typically, waste (cakes and meals) is used to feed livestock - this is the result of processing soybeans for food purposes.

In terms of nutritional value, soybean ranks first among grain feeds. In terms of protein content, it exceeds peas and broad beans by almost 1.5 times. Soybean grain contains on average 85% dry matter, 31 g of protein, 14.6% fat, 7% fiber, 26.5% nitrogen-free extractives, 2.6% lysine, etc. The digestibility of organic substances is on average 85-87 %. The soybean nutritional value is 0.98.

1 kg of soybean grain contains 1.45 feed. units, 14.7-15.0 MJ of metabolic energy and 281 g of digestible protein.

Soybean grain can be fed to all types of animals as a protein supplement if there is a lack of protein in feed rations and to balance them in amino acids. 1 kg of soybean contains the following amount of amino acids (g): lysine - 21.1, methionine - 4.6, histidine - 7.6, tryptophan - 4.3, threonine - 12.6, valine - 18.0, arginine - 26.6, leucine - 26.2, isoleucine - 17.6, phenylalanine - 17.0.

Soybean grains can be included in the composition of compound feeds and feed mixtures in rations: for adult pigs and young animals over 2 months of age - up to 15%, fattening pigs - up to 10%; for cattle - up to 10%.

Soybeans contain an inhibitor of the digestive tract enzyme trypsin, which inactivates it (turns the enzyme into an inactive state), so soybeans must be thermally treated (boiled, steamed) before feeding.

Feed-Group LLC purchases soybeans with moisture content of 8-10%, protein of at least 32%, and oil content of 20-22% .