Production of feed for farm animals, storage and delivery

Premixes, concentrates

We offer you to purchase premixes (vitamin and mineral supplements) and BMVC (concentrates) from the manufacturer for all species, types and age and sex groups of agricultural animals and poultry using the most modern Western technology. Possibility of supplying premix and BMVK in granular form. Calculation and production of recipes of any complexity, taking into account your wishes.
The introduction of individual biologically active substances directly into animal feed is less effective than the use of these substances in the form of vitamin mixtures or premixes. To balance the diet of animals, amino acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements, enzyme preparations and other components are currently used. They are introduced into feed in the form of preliminary mixtures, which are called premixes - homogeneous mixtures of biologically active substances (BAS) with filler. Premixes, depending on the name and the requirements for them, are divided into vitamin (a mixture of vitamin preparations with a filler), mineral (a mixture of microelements with a filler), complex (a mixture of many components with a filler), medicinal (medicines in preventive or therapeutic doses), anti-stress, etc.
The complex use of biologically active substances in the form of premixes is not only complete feeding with guaranteed effectiveness, but also prevention, improvement of the health of animals with infectious diseases, stimulation of metabolic processes and increasing the natural resistance of the body.
The experience we have accumulated and the highest qualifications of our employees are the best guarantee of quality and production efficiency.