Production of feed for farm animals, storage and delivery


Feed -Group LLC is located in the city of Stary Oskol, Belgorod region. This geographical location allows you to make maximum use of the resources that the company has:

Warehouses with a total area of 1560 sq. m., are owned and located at the address: Stary Oskol, st. Boiler, industrial center, Stroitelnaya site, Sh-5 passage. The warehouses are certified by the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for the Belgorod Region, the Office of Veterinary Medicine for the Belgorod Region, meet the requirements of veterinary and sanitary regulations and are intended for storing packaged products.

When shipping finished products from enterprise to enterprise, veterinary accompanying documents are issued to each recipient.

There are access roads (road and railway), which allows the products to be shipped to consumers. Transport meets veterinary and sanitary requirements. The delivery of goods is carried out by our own transport and logistics company Trans- Feed LLC .

The company is engaged in the storage and sale of protein and vitamin supplements; vitamin-mineral premixes for chickens, for broiler chickens; premixes for cows; premixes for piglets, for pigs; compound feed - prestarters for piglets; for broiler chickens; energy feed for cattle, corn gluten, monocalcium , amino acids. The maximum volume of simultaneous storage of packaged products is 600 tons.

The production site of Fid -Group LLC, located in the Belgorod region, with. Neznamovo is one of the largest enterprises for the production of high-quality full-fat extruded soybeans with a production volume of 4000.00 tons per month, with simultaneous storage of raw materials in the amount of more than 8000.00 tons of soybeans. Equipment from both domestic and foreign manufacturers is used for production. Over the past years, production technology has undergone significant improvement, taking into account the recommendations of the best specialists from Europe and Russia.

The company is equipped with its own laboratory, which conducts express tests using Bruins equipment AgriCheck plus (Germany) and chemical analyzes using a semi-automatic distiller Beger SDU300 (Slovenia). By conducting numerous experiments, experiments, and laboratory studies, the company has achieved the highest quality products, namely full-fat extruded soybeans, as well as expanded products.

In March 2018, our enterprise, the soybean processing plant Fid -Group LLC, was included in the Register of regulated objects that use technologies that ensure the deprivation of quarantine objects of viability .

In 2019, Fid -Group LLC passed certification for the export of its products to the European Union and received an ISO and HACCP Certificate , thereby strengthening its position in the market.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Feed Group company launched a plant for the production of Expanded grain legume products and grain mixtures, such as Expanded flax ( ExtruLen ), expanded peas, lupine, wheat, barley, etc. This project was launched on a new site with a production volume of 1300 .00 tons per month, where the latest technologies for deep hydrothermal processing of legumes and oilseeds are used, allowing the production of products of the highest quality.

Our company is constantly developing and expanding dynamically.

Feed Group LLC company is the completion of the construction of warehouses, which began in the second half of 2023, thereby increasing the storage volume of raw materials and products for further processing to 24,000 tons.

All this allowed the company Feed Group LLC to establish itself as a large and reliable manufacturer.

Our goal is a healthy and highly productive livestock population.

We are official representatives of the company in the Chernozem region

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