Production of feed for farm animals, storage and delivery

Full-fat soybeans, grain crops

We produce and sell high-quality EXTRUDED SOYBEAN full-fat feed. Protein 32-36 per dry weight, fat 18-20. The production is located in Stary Oskol. We work with feed mills, farms, and poultry farms in the Russian Federation. The goods are shipped at the buyer's request: in bulk, in sack containers, in big bags. Prices and terms of cooperation are individual depending on the order. We will send a sample upon your request. Transport is hired or self-pickup. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation with you!

Sale of new harvest grain crops in the form of complete food for pets and other purposes. We offer grain crops of various types: peas, feed wheat, as well as food grade 3 and 4 wheat, barley, oats, corn, soybeans.
We sell grain, which is perfect as a balanced feed for poultry, sheep, goats, rams, cattle, and other animals.
      Feed-Group LLC protects its prestige, so the quality of the product occupies the highest level and meets all sanitary standards.