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ExtruLyon from Feed-Group LLC

The high nutritional value of the productExtruLyonis based on the dietary and preventive properties of flax (the presence of mucous substances and the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, omega acids). This product is not a protein carrier. The effectiveness of its use is significant in prestarter and starter feeds for lactating sows and boars, cows, calves, hens and chickens.

It contains a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including essential ones: linoleic (omega-3), linolenic (omega-6), oleic (omega-9), which can be easily digested due to their chemical structure and easily absorbed directly through the blood. This product has a high degree of digestibility due to its low lignin content (woodiness of plant cell walls), which in turn increases productivity and preventive effects of diarrheal diseases, is an important source of energy for piglets and supports the development of the immune system, increasing average daily weight gain.

Fid-Group LLC recommends feeding sows with the supplement ExtruLyon due to its positive effect on the sow and embryos. ExtruLyoncontains precursors necessary for hormones involved in various processes during pregnancy, and therefore reduces embryo mortality. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids serve as a freely digestible and bio-available source of energy for the sow and embryos.ExtruLyonsupplementation increases the number of healthy live-born piglets, which will subsequently have a high ability to absorb nutrients, which will lead to an increase in the feed efficiency coefficient. This also means that feeding the supplement ExtruLyon is recommended during lactation.

Dietary omega-3 fatty acids are converted into milk fat by lactating sows, which require less energy to mobilize and synthesize new milk fat. These energy savings are converted and used to increase overall milk production. In this way, the sow loses less energy in terms of conditioning and has optimal conditions for the next cycle.

In addition, the supplement ExtruLyon during pregnancy has a positive dietary effect. Highly active mucus soothes the digestive tract and maintains proper bowel function.

ExtruLyon from Feed-Group LLC is an excellent feed additive for farm animals and poultry. In concentrates for this type of animal, it may be the only high-protein component. Flax seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, including essential linoleic (omega-3), linolenic (omega-6), oleic (omega-9); saturated with stearic, myristic, palmitic acids, which have a positive effect on the basic vital processes of the body. Flax seeds contain up to 10% mucous substances, which are almost not digested by monogastric animals, but at the same time can be destroyed by microorganisms in the rumen of ruminants. These substances in water form sticky mucus, under the influence of which chyme lingers longer in the rumen of ruminants, which provides better conditions for microbial transformation of the rumen contents. Mucus also protects the walls of the gastrointestinal tract from mechanical damage and regulates the excretion of undigested residues. Flaxseed is the best natural source of selenium - on average 1 mg per 1 kg of product.

The main physical feature of the flax feed product ExtruLyon is its enormous ability to absorb moisture. Once in the gastrointestinal tract of an animal (bird), specific peptides of flax products actively swell, absorbing up to 8 volumes of moisture. The swollen mucous mass becomes the main factor in protecting the intestinal villi from damage, mitigating the negative effects of coarse food particles (fiber, limestone, shells). It not only protects the villi from further destruction (maceration), but also creates conditions for their restoration if they have already been partially destroyed.

Protein coagulation does not occur during the granulation process of this product, i.e. the quality characteristics do not change


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