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Soybean full fat extruded


Soybeans, although they have high nutritional value, cannot be fed raw due to the fact that they contain biologically active substances that are anti-nutritive. These are mainly protease inhibitors (trypsin and chymotrypsin) and heme glutins (lectins, saponins), as well as substances that cause allergic, endocrine and rachitic disorders. These antinutrients can be reduced to safe concentrations by cooking. Full Fat Extruded Soybean is a feed product made from full fat soybeans that have been extruded to the point where nothing is extracted or added.

The technology for producing full-fat extruded soybeans involves extrusion, which occurs with excess heat, which is generated as the soybeans pass through the extruder barrel and pressure.

The extrusion process takes less than 30 seconds. During this time, the temperature in the extruder barrel rises to 110-130 °C. This is enough to neutralize the anti-nutrients contained in soybeans, and due to the fact that the maximum temperature is maintained for only 5-6 seconds, the destruction of amino acids does not occur in the product (Table 2).

In the extruder barrel, as a result of pressure and grinding processes, partial destruction of the cell walls occurs. When soybeans exit the extruder, as a result of a sharp pressure drop, the cell walls are completely ruptured. This increases the digestibility of nutrients, including fat (Table 2), and tocopherols (natural antioxidants) and lecithins (phosphatides necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system and brain and the absorption of fat) are released.

Full-fat extruded soybean is a high-calorie, high-protein, universal and ideal feed for all types of poultry and animals. Characterized by high feed value. It is able to compensate for the deficiency of amino acids and protein in animal nutrition, since their lack is practically the main reason for the low productivity of animals.

Currently, methods have been developed and are widely used for processing soybeans using an extruder at a temperature that reduces the activity of the inhibitor and urease into a full-fat product. The protein obtained by this method most effectively contributes to the growth of animals, the safety of livestock and their gain of live weight.

Full-fat soybean is an excellent feed for broilers. Full-fat soybean completely replaces oil and meal when used in poultry feed. Extruded soybeans are especially useful for sows in lactation diets to increase the viability of young animals, as well as for those who are in the last stage of pregnancy. It is advisable to use 50% soybean meal and 50% full-fat soybean in the pig diet, without adding fat and oil.

It has been established that when soybean and inactivated up to 20% are introduced into the feed, the live weight of young cattle increases by 4-6%, the safety of the livestock increases by 1.5-2%, and the cost of feed for the products is quite significantly reduced - by 5 - 6.5%. Full-fat soybean is one of the main protein components of a new product with high-energy qualities for cattle - proteinamine, which was developed by specialists and scientists in feed production and livestock production.

The production of full-fat extruded soybeans is the main activity of Feed-Group LLC.

Regardless of your geographical distance, we can deliver products to you by any route in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to production and warehouse facilities, Feed-Group LLC can always guarantee customers stable supplies and consistently high quality of full-fat extruded soybeans that meet all the requirements necessary for a particular partner, regardless of their complexity. The quality is strictly controlled by a laboratory equipped with professional equipment. Its capabilities allow us not only to monitor compliance with specified parameters (urease activity, soluble protein, humidity level, etc.), but also to experiment with the product at different stages of its production, and quickly evaluate the results of experiments. As a result, we are bringing to market an increasingly advanced product that helps poultry farms, breeding farms and other company customers optimize production processes for growing poultry and fish, cattle and pigs.

Full fat extruded soy is a relatively new product, but its popularity is growing rapidly. Enterprises interested in successfully raising livestock quickly realized the benefits of this feed additive and are enthusiastically experimenting with the formulation of their feed. And we are very pleased to know that we can flexibly adapt to the changing needs of our customers and quickly provide them with the right products.

By including full-fat extruded soybeans in your pets’ diet, you increase your income